[+] 18.04.2014  Dentist (Cowansville, Quebec)

[+] 18.04.2014  Dentist (Joliette, Quebec)

[+] 18.04.2014  Dentist (La Macaza, Quebec)

[+] 18.04.2014  Dentist (Donnacona, Quebec)

[+] 18.04.2014  Dentist (Port-Cartier, Quebec)

[+] 08.04.2014  Optometric Services (Bowden Institution, Innisfail, AB)

[+] 31.03.2014  Onsite Ergonomic Assessment Services (Surrounding area of Hamilton)

[+] 31.03.2014  Occupational Health and Safety Advisor Services (Surrounding area of Hamilton)

[+] 28.03.2014  Dentist (Saskatoon, SK)

[+] 21.03.2014  Lifeguard (Ottawa, Ontario)

[+] 19.03.2014  Dentist (Bowden, AB)

[+] 07.03.2014  Nephrology Physician Service (Abbotsford (British Colombia))

[+] 06.03.2014  Construction Safety Training (New Brunswick and Nova Scotia)

[+] 04.03.2014  Licensed physician providing critical care services (Mississauga, Ontario )

[+] 04.03.2014  Licensed physician providing primary care and chronic disease services (Mississauga, Ontario )

[+] 04.03.2014  Licensed physician providing intensivist services (Mississauga, Ontario )

[+] 03.03.2014  Optometrist (Springhill, Nova Scotia )

[+] 27.02.2014  Dentist (Gravenhurst (Ontario))

[+] 27.02.2014  Dental Assistant (Gravenhurst (Ontario))

[+] 24.02.2014  Dentist (Lava, QC)

[+] 14.02.2014  Physician Services (Nova Scotia)

[+] 14.02.2014  Dentist (Edmonton (Alberta) )

[+] 12.02.2014  Instructeur de Cours de groupe: zumba, workout ou autres (Sainte-Foy)

[+] 19.12.2013  Relief Nurse - 1 vacancy (Ottawa 5 days/week)

[+] 17.12.2013  Psychologist - Counselling (Quebec QC and other province of Canada)

[+] 16.12.2013  Occupational Therapist (Telework)

[+] 13.12.2013  Infirmier(ère) autorisé(e) - Évaluation de matériel médical (À distance)

[+] 11.12.2013  X-Ray Technician (Prince Albert (SK))

[+] 28.11.2013  Orthodontist ( 5 vacancies) (Ottawa)

[+] 27.11.2013  Occupational Therapist (London / Windsor )

[+] 27.11.2013  Occupational Therapist 4 vacancies (Montreal )

[+] 25.11.2013  Travailleur (se) Social (e) (Havre-Saint-Pierre)

[+] 01.11.2013  URGENT - Obstetrical Nurse (James Bay)

[+] 08.09.2013  Obstetrical Nurse (Gaspésie)

[+] 06.09.2013  Occupational Therapist (Pembroke, Ontario (1 vacancy))

[+] 02.09.2013  Nutritionniste (Côte-Nord)

[+] 16.08.2013  Outpost Nurse, Community Health Nurse (Northern Manitoba regions)

[-] 16.08.2013  Outpost Nurse, Community Health Nurse (Northern Ontario regions)
MON+ is seeking for qualified registered nurses and nurse practitioners wishing to join in a significant and amazing experience through short or long term assignments in Northern Manitoba.


•Minimum one year of work experience in an outpost station, emergency room or acute care;
•Work experience with Northern Communities in Ontario
•Enlarge role of practice;
•Immunization competencies;

This opportunity is for people interested in living an exceptional experience in a remote area with a mostly Inuit population, who loves challenges and teamwork.

Main Duties and work requirements / Scope of Work:

Provide primary health care in an expanded nursing practice.

Stabilize or maximize client health status by assessing patients' physical, psychological, rehab, and safety needs.

Perform physical examinations including appropriate diagnostic procedures utilizing lab and x-ray equipment.

Provide comprehensive community health programs (Well-Baby / Well-Child / Well-Woman / Well-Man clinics, pre and post natal clinics, school health programs, chronic disease clinics, immunization programs, and communicable disease surveillance).

Promote a healthy life style and reduce incidences of disability and/or death.

Necessary requirements:

• Graduated from an approved nursing program (University baccalaureate BScN)
• Current valid practising registration with CNO
• Current valid CPR Level C Certificate OR BCLS Certification.
• Outpost nursing education (preferably).
• Broad base of clinical experience, community health nurse, minimum of 2 years.
• Outpost experience (preferably).
• Experience in a small acute care facility an (asset).
• Experience in Community / Public Health (an asset).
• Current valid Canadian Driver’s License.
•Speak and write English (a must)

Skills and Abilities:

• Having knowledge and skills in emergency care, triage, paediatric, obstetric, physical examination, psychiatric evaluation and to be able to intervene in crisis situations.
• Being able to do sutures, PAP tests and to apply the canadian immunization guide.
• Superior communication skills (written and verbal).
• Ability to work independently and with others.
• Ability to operate related equipment including computer applications.

The assignments are 2 to 8 weeks.

Transportation and lodging are provided and paid by MON+.
You will receive a food allowance in addition to your salary.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED SEND YOUR RESUME TO drh@multioptionsnursing.com

[+] 12.08.2013  Medical Laboratory Technologist (Remote areas)

[+] 19.07.2013  Infirmier(ère) autorisé(e) - Département d'urgence (Baie James)

[+] 08.07.2013  Nutritionniste (North Shore)

[+] 02.07.2013  Patient attendant (PAB) (North-West Quebec (Abitibi, Rouyn-Noranda, Témiscamingue))

[+] 19.06.2013  INDUSTRIAL NURSE (MINING SITES AND MORE) (Remote areas)


[+] 21.05.2013  Relief Nurse (Campbellton (NB))

[+] 05.02.2013  Outpost nurse (Winneway and Rapide Lake)

[+] 05.02.2013  Emergency Nurse (Côte Nord, Basse Côte Nord, Bas-St-Laurent et Gaspésie )

[+] 05.02.2013  Nurse - Medical / Surgical (Côte Nord, Basse Côte Nord, Bas-St-Laurent et Gaspésie )

[+] 17.01.2013  Obstetrics and perinatal nurse (Côte Nord, Basse Côte Nord, Bas-St-Laurent et Gaspésie )

[+] 16.01.2013  Physiotherapist - vacancy (Côte Nord, QC)

[+] 16.01.2013  Physiotherapist - 1 vacancy (Laval Qc)

[+] 17.12.2012  Médecin ou infirmier(ère) spécialisé en soins de plaies (Montreal)

[+] 26.11.2012  Outpost Nurse (Northern Quebec)

[+] 05.10.2012  Registered Nurses (James Bay, Nunavik, North Cost)

[+] 16.07.2012  Physician MD (Province of Quebec)

[+] 05.07.2012  Emergency Department Registered Nurses (Nothern Quebec (in a French Hospital))

[+] 01.07.2012  Registrered Nurse Obstetrical Care (Northern Quebec)

[+] 01.07.2012  Agent(e) de prévention santé sécurité sur les chantiers (Northern Quebec)

[+] 07.05.2012  Medical Technologist (Northern Quebec)

[+] 07.02.2012  URGENT - Diagnostic radiology technologist (Northern Quebec)

[+] 10.12.2011  Outpost Nurse (Northwest Territories and Nunavut)